We offer

Kombatan Arnis

Coordination skills will be put to the test. Slightly unusual to swing the batons, but they will quickly become a natural extension of your arms

Junior Training

You are weclome on our junior team if you are around 8 years old. The practice strenghten the childrens' motoric abilities and coordination skills. We are not enforcing extremely strict discipline, however we expect them to listen and learn.

Self defense for women

Self defense for women is a 10 week program where participants learn simple and effective techniques to defend themselves. Read more and sign up here.

Black belt for you

You will bring the blood, sweat and bruises, we will supply you with intense training. With this combination, you will be on your way to become a black belt.
  "A black belt is a white belt that never quit!"

Qualified instructors

Gentofte Budoklub offer training from experienced instructors, all of whom are members of Ju-Jitsu Danmark, the official Jujitsu union, connected to Danmarks Idræts Forbund.

No injury

"It may hurt, but we don't want injuries". A bruise or some sore muscles every now and is okay, but everyone should be looking forward to the next class.
Come and join us. We are ready to teach you.
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How to find our dojo

Our "dojo" (training facility) is in hall 3, Kildeskovshallen Adolphsvej 25, 2820 Gentofte. The easiest way to find us, is by going through entrance D by the ball court. Stay right. The dojo is up the stairs on the first floor. Men's locker room is on the ground floor by the stairs. Women's locker rooms are in the basement. We are excited to see you!
"See you in the dojo"


Tobias Bertelsen

Marianne Gantriis Poulsen

Marianne Gantriis Poulsen

1. DAN

Marianne teaches every team in the club. There may be plenty of sweat, but it has to be fun to practice. Furthermore, she focuses on adapting techniques for the individual.

Marianne also practices arnis.

Mustafa Joafi

Mustafa Joafi

3. Dan

Mustafa Joafi has taught Kombatan Arnis for many years. Initially in Århus, then Sjælland. Mustafa has previously practiced karate, and is a well-versed martial artist.

Jens Friis Sørensen

Jens Friis Sørensen

3. Kyu

Jens is an experienced instructor who has taught many children. He is an instructor for the junior team.

Steen Pausbæk

Steen Pausbæk

2. DAN

Steen has a wide range of teaching experience. He is the lead on “Self defense for women” where he focuses on simple techniques that work in real situations.